Verizon Fios



Challenge & Solution

Verizon wanted to find a way to speak to it's current and potential users who are either moving, looking to move or are just interested to see if Verizon FiOS is available to them. We were also tasked to explore and create new ways to engage and interact the with users both conversationally and visually.


  • // User Experience
  • // User Interface
  • // Concepting
  • // Art Direction


  • // Art Director
  • // UX/UI Designer


Since there were three personas that were to be using this microsite, I sought out to create an experience where users can self identify themselves. By doing so, users were engaged with catered information that helps them find out which locations are FiOS powered and gain more information as to how FiOS can help better their lives. Ultimately users were invited to get Verizon FiOS.


Check out the prototype

Once I started to design the website, I started to explore different ways the website and users can engage and interact depending on the content that users were currently viewing. The functionality and micro-interactions of the site changed as the design and content evolved. To the right you will see how the microsite was envisioned to work when users went through it.



For the design and communication process my team and I decided to create a new way of speaking to our clients where the language (both visual and copy) was more friendly and informative as to how Verizon FiOS can impact their every day to day lives. The tone is meant to be helpful, friendly, and down to earth. The visual treatment is meant to be light and easily digestible regardless of the quantity of information. Another challenge was to design an experience that wouldn’t overwhelm users. For that reason, I created a responsive, modular design using white and light gray as the main background colors and the red and dark gray as accents of color to high light certain sections and/or headlines and copy. In order to help users properly digest the information that was catered to them, I created contrast between the headlines, subheads and copy but using different font sizes and weights. I also used Icons and imagery to not only emphasize the brands essence but to help users understand the benefits of FiOS.



While users go down the page they are served top level information about different benefits and features of using Verizon FiOS and are prompted to learn more through various CTA’s. Once they click on one of of the CTA’s a content drawer will slide in and show the user more information about that particular section.



This experience is meant to work on multiple platforms, such as desktops all the day down to mobile devices. The layout responds to the platform and the layout and functionality change to better suit the device a user is using.