Challenge & Solution

This app idea was one of the major pieces that helped to win the Cigna business for MRM//McCann. Cigna asked us to create new ways for them to interact with their current and new customers. We designed a new experience that would help constantly connect users to their healthcare providers as quickly and painless as possible.


  • // Branding
  • // User Experience
  • // User Interface
  • // Art Direction


  • // UX/UI Designer
  • // Art Director

The Branding

In order to create an cohesive experience that users can easily process, we had to break the old Cigna “look and feel” and design a more organized and clean system of colors and visual treatments. We proposed to only use six main colors and their tints and shades instead of the original fourteen colors and their variations, we then proceeded to create a hiearchy using different font sizes and weights and icons to help users differentiate the importance of information. We also decided to use colors as accents and a ways for users to know where in the app they are was essential as the app has 6 main functions and each one has vast amounts of information.



The Experience

We sought to rethink health and wellness from a person’s point of view. By combining an individuals personal health information with wellness tracking, it’s possible to provide relevant information to said individual that will help him/her become healthier. We also thought about the users pain points and overall experience in a doctors office and everyday lives as they try to keep healthy. We made sure the apps main purpose was to provide users with the necessary tools they would need create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Finding a doctor and making Appointments

One of the applications main functions is to help users search for a specific doctor through a easy-to-use filter system. When you find a doctor that suits your needs and preferences, you can view the doctors location and description, even review their rating and what other people have said about the doctor. If that doctor is the right one for you, you can easily browse and book appointments by date and time. Once booked, you can sync your appointment to both your health app and devices calendar for easy reminders.



the dashboard

The dashboard allows users quick access to their doctors and personal identification cards and forms. It is also home to a two way notification center between you and your doctors. Lab results, prescription and pharmacy alerts and reminders are among some of the notifications you will receive. You also have the ability to customize your dashboard to fit your individual needs.

fitness tracker

By combining aggregated health information of the general populace as well as personal information and any fitness apps that you have, you can track your own health and fitness results to help keep you on pace with any goals that you and your doctors have set up to achieve.


Redeeming rewards

On top of achieving goals, you also receive points that are used through a tiered point system. The more points you gain the more types rewards you can get. Each tier has a specific amount of requirements and types of rewards that can be earned. Ranging from items that users can use directly to effect their health, such as running sneakers, to gift certificates to restaurants, spas, and even paid vacations.