Bank of America



Challenge & Solution

Bank of America challenged us to come up with ways to help with their recruiting needs. The main problem was that they weren't seen as innovative or as a destination for tech. based jobs such as companies like Google, or even competitors like Goldman Sachs. We decided to drop their traditional tone of voice, adopt a new tone with more attitude, and champion the idea of not settling and striving to be the best, in order to change the perception that Bank of America is just a bank.


  • // Concepting - Ideation
  • // Art Direction
  • // Branding
  • // User interface


  • // Art Director

The Campaign

Given that this was established to be an awareness campaign. We positioned our out of home tactics around the towns and cities of college campuses to remind potential future candidates that Bank of America is more than just a bank. During job fairs we engaged students mostly with simple brochures and flyers prompting them to connect with us through social media so that they can find out about future opportunities. We also took advantage to use our new tone of voice to take light jabs at the perceived importance of the opportunities at other tech. companies compared to what candidates can be doing at Bank of America.

Utilizing Social Media

Through our social media we told potential candidates where the Bank of America booths would be located during the job fairs, so they can come and learn what BofA has to offer them as well as prompted users to check out the jobs that they had to offer.

Creating a mobile experience

Most potential Candidates don’t understand how to translate their interests and the work they do in school into an actual job title. So we created this mobile experience to help college graduates find careers that matched up to their interests and skills. This experience was introduced to potential candidates during job fairs, it could also be reached through our social posts and targeted rich media banners.