Mitsubishi Electric



Challenge & Solution

This project was part of a new business pitch for Mitsubishi Electric. We were tasked with redesigning the architecture and experience for their global website. The solution that I created was a modular and streamlined experience that would allow users to digest content more seamlessly.


  • // Concepting
  • // User Experience
  • // User Interface
  • // Art Direction


  • // Creative Lead
  • // UX/UI Designer
  • // Art Director
Step 1

The User Experience

The main challenge was to create a multi-purpose website that provided a cohesive experience in the way that it would handle and deliver content to its users. While going through the content and listening to other needs that the client had I decided to to reorganize the current information into a structure similar to that of a blog with three main sections of information in mind. Mitsubishi Electric does more than create particular products, they are a leader in new technologies and are constantly looking for new and better ways to provide its services. With that in mind, I envisioned an experience where users can quickly search for articles, products, or documents that Mitsubishi is constantly sharing on its website. I decided to use a tab/filter system to help users quickly find relevant information that they are looking for. I also used a modular structure where certain sections of the website housed different pieces of information (ex: the products section) while I introduced a more seamless and streamlined method in certain places where the content was potentially vast but only dealt with information that was being held in a section or by topic of interest.


Step 2

The Design

From an asthetic standpoint, my idea was to celebrate all of the ways that Mitsubishi Electric makes the world a better place through their various products and endeavors. So visually I used imagery that highlights a beautiful world where Mistubishi Electric has had a helping had to create. The images being used are mostly angled and landscaped in order to captivate users while portraying the vision of a better future that Mitsubishi Electric has for our planet. I combined these images with a clean layout and light copy treatments in order for users to be able to appreciate and digest the content that they are seeking out. While using the red as accents of color to help show interactions and hierarchy.

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