NY Lottery App



Challenge & Solution

The New York Lottery asked us to completely reimagine their mobile application. Meaning we had the opportunity to start from scratch and really create something that advent lotto players would use and love.


  • // Art Direction
  • // User Interface
  • // Branding
  • // Ideation


  • // Art Director
  • // UI Designer

The Idea

Once upon a time….the New York Lottery came to ask us to participate in a new business pitch. The challenge was to create a 360 campaign where people could go about their everyday lives and seamlessly be inspired to play the lottery. The video below is a bigger part of what we came up with and what helped us win the business as well as spark the path to the new and current NY Lottery App.

Exploring Designs

We were tasked to explore different design options for the New York Lottery app. We decided that the app should have a fun and friendly appeal. A major idea we wanted to incorporate was sprinkling fun mini games and easter eggs that users would be happy to interact with, which potentially would have them coming back for more.

Using the colors of the New York Lottery logo and the idea to subtly use some well known New York areas the first some of the first designs were created.

On top of making sure to keep the brand essence in mind, we also went through an extensive amount of prototyping and testing in order to make sure that the designs and experience were up to par with digital standards.


The Final Designs

Below are some of final designs that were based off of the idea to show locations and activities that users can partake in if they win! We were able to find the right balance between usability and playfulness. While making sure that the experience is easy to use, we managed to implement easter eggs as well as mini games to keep users engaged and willing to interact with the mobile app more than once, even after they’ve checked their numbers out.